10 Great Uses for 3 Stub Event Tickets!

We have three tear-off stubs on our tickets…Why?…We say why not, as it makes our tickets so much more versatile.

The examples below demonstrate some of the many ways our customers use those extra tear off stubs.


This ticket uses one of the stubs as a Free Drink Voucher.

Free Drink Voucher Ticket Stub

Why not use your spare stubs to give vouchers for free drinks, or to offer a same day discount.

This ticket combines an Audit Stub for keeping track of ticket sales and ‘A date for your diary’ Stub as a way of advertising future events:

A Date For Your Diary Ticket Stub

Why not use one of your three tear-off tickets stubs to advertise future events?

This ticket has a Discount Voucher stub as well as a Name, Email and Phone Number collection stub:

Discount Voucher Stub

Use your tear-off ticket stubs creatively to add value, but using them to collect names and email addresses, or to give discounts.

This ticket uses two stubs as Entrance tickets to a multi-day event:


This ticket has a Prize Draw or Raffle Ticket stub:

Raffle Ticket Stub

When fundraising why not use your extra tear-off stub as a Prize Draw or Raffle Ticket.

This ticket has an ‘Our Sponsors’ stub, combined with a discount voucher:

Sponsorship logos on tickets

Why not use your extra tear-off ticket stub to advertise sponsors.

Other uses can include an RSVP stub for parties and weddings, a ‘Ride on the Coach’ stub and a cloakroom ticket stub. Can you think of any more we have missed?

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