10 Surprising Ways Gift Vouchers Boost Sales


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1. Gift vouchers bring in new customers and increase footfall.124f9h.jpg

2. Gift vouchers have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists since 2007.

3. Gift vouchers are a way for your existing customers to recommend your business.

4. 55% of gift card recipients require more than one shopping trip to spend the balance of their card.

5. Every year 6% of vouchers bought by consumers go unused as they lay forgotten in people’s wallets and drawers.

6. Shoppers spend an average of £111.34 on gift vouchers during the Christmas season.

7. People using gift vouchers spend 40% more than the value
of the voucher on purchases in store or online.

8. In 2013 s124foq.jpgome £2.5 billion worth of gift vouchers were sold in UK retail stores as gifts and £2.25 billion were purchased by businesses as staff or customer rewards

9. Around two-thirds of consumers have purchased at least one gift card.

10. Gift vouchers and discount cards increase customer loyalty.




Sources: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/millions-wasted-as-people-dont-spend-gift-vouchers and https://www.giftcardgranny.com/statistics/


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