10 Surprising Ways Gift Vouchers Boost Sales


200+ High Quality Voucher Templates for you to customise using our easy online designer.

1. Gift vouchers bring in new customers and increase footfall.124f9h.jpg

2. Gift vouchers have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists since 2007.

3. Gift vouchers are a way for your existing customers to recommend your business.

4. 55% of gift card recipients require more than one shopping trip to spend the balance of their card.

5. Every year 6% of vouchers bought by consumers go unused as they lay forgotten in people’s wallets and drawers.

6. Shoppers spend an average of £111.34 on gift vouchers during the Christmas season.

7. People using gift vouchers spend 40% more than the value
of the voucher on purchases in store or online.

8. In 2013 s124foq.jpgome £2.5 billion worth of gift vouchers were sold in UK retail stores as gifts and £2.25 billion were purchased by businesses as staff or customer rewards

9. Around two-thirds of consumers have purchased at least one gift card.

10. Gift vouchers and discount cards increase customer loyalty.




Sources: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/millions-wasted-as-people-dont-spend-gift-vouchers and https://www.giftcardgranny.com/statistics/


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10 Great Uses for 3 Stub Event Tickets!

We have three tear-off stubs on our tickets…Why?…We say why not, as it makes our tickets so much more versatile.

The examples below demonstrate some of the many ways our customers use those extra tear off stubs.


This ticket uses one of the stubs as a Free Drink Voucher.

Free Drink Voucher Ticket Stub

Why not use your spare stubs to give vouchers for free drinks, or to offer a same day discount.

This ticket combines an Audit Stub for keeping track of ticket sales and ‘A date for your diary’ Stub as a way of advertising future events:

A Date For Your Diary Ticket Stub

Why not use one of your three tear-off tickets stubs to advertise future events?

This ticket has a Discount Voucher stub as well as a Name, Email and Phone Number collection stub:

Discount Voucher Stub

Use your tear-off ticket stubs creatively to add value, but using them to collect names and email addresses, or to give discounts.

This ticket uses two stubs as Entrance tickets to a multi-day event:


This ticket has a Prize Draw or Raffle Ticket stub:

Raffle Ticket Stub

When fundraising why not use your extra tear-off stub as a Prize Draw or Raffle Ticket.

This ticket has an ‘Our Sponsors’ stub, combined with a discount voucher:

Sponsorship logos on tickets

Why not use your extra tear-off ticket stub to advertise sponsors.

Other uses can include an RSVP stub for parties and weddings, a ‘Ride on the Coach’ stub and a cloakroom ticket stub. Can you think of any more we have missed?

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Performance Ticket Printers Launch New Web Site with Ticket Designer!

We’ve launched our new web site!

Design, proof and order your tickets and wristbands online with ease…

We’ve been working hard at PTP to bring you a new and improved way to order online and we think you’ll like it. Now you can set and proof your tickets online with our easy-to-use online ticket designer. It even works on your ipad. Come and have a play


The editor allows you to choose fonts and font sizes so that you can get your ticket layout just right. Once you’re happy, simply continue to the checkout and pay online.

Save Time When You Re-order

Basic TicketYou’ll find all the same great products at the same great prices you’re used to, but now re-ordering tickets for your next event is simply a case of selecting an old order and editing it with the new details.

You can even login with your Facebook account.

Printed and Unprinted Wristbands

Our popular Tyvek wristbands can also be designed and purchased online just as easily with the new wristband editor. Go there now.

Here, Have a Discount On Us!

Try out the new web site now and get a valuable 10% discount by using the discount code weblaunch at the checkout. We love feedback, so please tell us how you get on. If you have any questions, no matter how small, please call us on 01260 276164.

Performance Ticket Printers Launch New Web Site

We’ve just launched our new look web site, that shows off our new colour ticket range. Visually, it’s a big improvement on the old web site, and the intention is that it is more functional as well. Our customers will no doubt let us know whether that’s the case.

You can now view and order our full colour ticket range online. Simply click on the link to Full Colour Tickets, then search for a ticket and once you’ve found one you like, click on the ‘get a quote’ button. This will take you to a quoting page, which will then lead to an order form, if you wish to order. As ever, if you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 01260 276164.

The web site is there to help you order tickets, but you can still order by sending us an email or fax, or by sending us an old ticket with the new details written on. We always keep an electronic record of every order, which makes re-ordering new tickets easy. Our intention is to make ordering tickets from us as simple as possible, by allowing you to order by whatever method you find easiest. There’s no need to order online if you prefer to email us a Word document instead, for instance.

There are still some teething issues with the web site here and there, and we’re still working on some aspects of our new quoting engines for the new posters and flyers product range. Please consider it a work in progress and report any errors or other deficiences to us at mailbox@ticketprinters.co.uk.

Performance Ticket Printers Launch New Full Colour Ticket Printing Service

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new full colour tickets. As you may know, we already produce high quality laser printed tickets on 15 different colours of paper.

But we decided that our customers needed more choice, so we’ve added a new range of templated full colour tickets and, if I say so myself, they are very attractive!

Take a look at http://www.ticketprinters.co.uk to see the full range.